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    2. Rewards | Improve Results with Better Activation | Welltok
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      Welltok Rewards
      Getting the Most from Your Incentive Programs
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      Use Rewards to Drive Action

      Welltok? Rewards helps you optimize incentive design and manage the execution of your reward programs using SaaS technology and fully integrated services.


      Our flexible platform allows you to manage all types of rewards such as gift cards or copay reductions with any pre-set value to drive the full spectrum of targeted actions.

      We provide deep expertise in program compliance, data management, reporting, customer service, and rewards administration. Our team helps you navigate the ever-changing legal and regulatory environment to understand how guidelines impact design and execution.


      Leverage Welltok Rewards for a best practice framework that simplifies design and prioritizes incentive allocation to drive the right actions, while giving you flexibility to easily manage reward programs through a central SaaS tool.

      Key Features

      Integrated with Itinerary & Devices

      Welltok Rewards is fully integrated with Welltok? Itinerary, making it easy to motivate your population to take action and get rewarded all in one place. In addition, data from devices like activity trackers and blood pressure monitors flow into the system and can contribute directly to tracking metrics

      Flexible Fulfillment Options

      Consumers can choose from physical, digital or prepaid gift cards, charitable contributions, merchandise and devices. We take care of the distribution via email, mobile, or to the person’s physical address.


      We can also work with your existing vendors support fulfillment like HRA/HSA/FSA fund deposits, payroll/cash payouts, premium reductions and other methods

      Expert Consultation

      As one of the first incentive platforms, we bring you years of experience building strategies to optimize reward spend and align the right incentives and rewards with desired actions and behaviors

      Advanced Rules Configuration

      Seamless reward design and delivery for all program types?, including diverse and complex incentive programs like multi-program, long-term and partial rewards

      Streamlined Admin, Tracking & Reports

      Managing your rewards programs is easy with Welltok Central. We give you complete control of your programs and rewards through an easy to use SaaS interface that is fully integrated with Welltok Rewards and Welltok Itinerary. You’ll have the flexibility to configure rewards and set fulfillment options, all in one easy to use dashboard

      Worry-Free Compliance

      With Welltok Rewards, rest assured your rewards programs are fully compliant with:

      Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)?

      Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)?

      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)?

      Centers for Medicare and Medicaid laws and regulations (CMS)?

      Genetic Information Non-Disclosure Act (GINA)?

      Anti-Kickback and False Claims Act?

      Rewards Drive More Action,
      Better Results

      Medical costs avoided and

      workplace productivity gain

      Case Study

      More likely to get a well-child check up

      if households received the communication

      Case Study