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    2. Resources | Consumer Activation Education | Welltok
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      Get a Consumer Activation Education
      Stay up-to-date on everything consumer activation and Welltok. Check out our latest headlines, press releases, success stories and industry insights by market

      Our Most Popular?Resources

      Wellbeing Wake-Up


      Survey reveals what total wellbeing support employees want and need

      Health For the New Senior Generation

      Survey uncovers keys to attracting and retaining Medicare Advantage members

      Rethink the Patient


      Report reveals secret to building patient loyalty and longitudinal relationships

      Welltok in the News

      Jeff Margolis, CEO at Welltok, discusses with Harvard Business Review how the healthcare industry can supercharge consumer care

      What’s New on Our Blog

      As Seen on MedCity News: Healthcare Leaders Listen Up…
      Personalized Wellbeing is the Next Frontier