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    2. Provider Solutions | Health System Engagement | Welltok
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      Provider Solutions
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      Technology You Need to Drive Strategic Growth

      Whether your goal is patient acquisition, long-term retention, managing an at-risk population, or all of the above, Welltok’s unique, broad set of capabilities helps you grow strategically regardless of where you are on the journey from traditional fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement.


      Welltok acquired Tea Leaves Health in 2017 and its expertise in acquiring, retaining and activating patients by working with the nation’s leading hospitals and health systems.

      Welltok addresses hospital and health system challenges through a unique set of analytics, artificial intelligence supported tools and services to identify and target both current patients and prospects.


      Through data-driven marketing campaigns, Welltok helps drive volume into your health network’s service lines and support the full patient journey. We also help reinforce provider relationships to maximize referrals and activate patient behaviors that support health and wellbeing – all of which enable clients to realize the long-term value of a patient.

      Is Your Organization Focused On

      top-line growth

      marketing spend

      in-network referrals

      Personalizing two-way
      patient communications

      Developing long-term
      relationships and trust

      Managing the
      patient journey

      If so, learn what we can do for you

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      Our Offerings


      Industry leading CRM technology for hospitals and health systems to more effectively identify, communicate, and engage with the best prospective patients, monitoring and optimizing over time

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      Easy-to-use and feature-rich PRM software that enables you to target and communicate with physicians and other providers who are critical to your growth, continuously improving how you market and spend

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      Welltok Enterprise
      Growth Solution

      Build trust and develop longitudinal relationships by supporting patients with personalized health and wellbeing programs and resources to capture downstream and long-term value

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      Enterprise Growth Solution

      Our newest solution enables a precise, targeted and personalized experience throughout the patient journey. The data-driven solution creates longitudinal relationships by understanding and proactively addressing patients’ total health and wellbeing needs. By supporting patients in and out of the clinical setting year-round, the Enterprise Growth Solution helps build loyalty and capture downstream, long-term value for your organization

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      Best in Class
      Enterprise Security

      Our solutions ensure regulatory compliance, privacy
      and security for you and your consumers

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      Deliver a personal, rewarding and actionable
      experience for each and every consumer

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      Delivering Value for Providers

      Patient Acquisition


      New patients acquired by
      regional health system

      Case Study

      Reverse Leakage


      Increase in referrals by
      keeping within network

      Case Study

      Campaign ROI


      $766 return on every $1
      spent on outreach campaign

      Case Study