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    2. Products & Services | Welltok Suite of Products | Welltok
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      Welltok Products
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      Innovative Products to Solve Your Business Challenges

      Analyze Products

      Products that help customers understand populations and target the right individuals based upon defined objectives that create value. Leverage our consumer database of 275M individuals and 800 variables, including social determinants of health, to gain rich, actionable insights. Our analyze products include: Welltok? Enrichment and Welltok? Impact

      Activate Products

      Products that enable our clients to curate health improvement resources (your existing programs,?Connect Partner programs and Welltok’s in-house content); engage and guide consumer actions; and recognize and reward consumer achievements. Activate products include: Welltok? ActivationPro, Welltok? Campaigns, Welltok? Itinerary, Welltok? Rewards

      Patientology (CRM+)

      Patientology? is our industry-leading CRM technology for hospitals and health systems to more effectively identify, communicate, and engage with the best prospective patients, monitoring and optimizing over time

      Physicianology (PRM+)

      Easy-to-use and feature-rich PRM software, Physicianology? enables you to target and communicate with physicians and other providers who are critical to your growth, continuously improving how you market and spend

      Our Market Solutions

      To deliver exponential value, we designed strategic solutions that unite some or all of our products and services to address specific market challenges and needs.


      Select your market below to learn how our products are packaged to serve