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    2. Personalized Multi-Channel Outreach | Medication Adherence | Welltok
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      Welltok Increases Medication Adherence by up to 85% for Pharmacies and PBMs

      Personalized, multi-channel outreach is Welltok’s “prescription” for success


      DENVER, June 13, 2019?– Consumers intuitively know that medication adherence is an important aspect of managing chronic conditions and overall wellbeing, yet lack of compliance remains a significant challenge industry-wide. Pharmacy leaders across the nation are working with?Welltok to identify and break down potential barriers to increase adherence and refills by up to 85% with a personalized and multi-channel approach and the results have been impressive.


      Welltok?helps the?top health plans, retail pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) conduct successful medication adherence programs with personalized and targeted communications. Welltok starts by combining client’s clinical data and its proprietary consumer database to predict individuals at risk to not refill or those most likely to refill with a reminder. The company then conducts targeted outreach through the communication channel(s) they will be most receptive to like email, text and automated voice.


      Campaign examples include retail to mail program, brand to generic conversion, 30 to 90 day fill conversion, medication adherence education and refill reminder programs. For a national plan’s pharmacy division, the company?generated over $9 million in revenue?annually by improving quality measures (including HEDIS and key Star initiatives) and medication adherence, along with a reduction in manual interventions. The plan also experienced over a 40% completion of medication refills and a 20% call center volume reduction. Welltok’s solutions also support confirming orders, payments and prior authorizations.


      “Our unique combination of?predictive analytics?and multi-channel outreach successfully targets the individuals most likely to take action and deliver the most value for our clients,” said April Gill, vice president of market solutions for Welltok. “In today’s consumer world, it is important to respect individual’s communications preferences and meet them where they are. Welltok’s platform is secure and enables TCPA compliance, giving organizations the flexibility to take advantage of our multi-channel capabilities that are proven effective, and, in some cases lower cost too.”


      Only Welltok has the consumer data to predict who will be most receptive to interventions to target efficiently and effectively. Social determinants of health and other variables like how far the nearest grocery store is, how long their commute is or if they have family living at home are much more predictive than clinical or claims data alone. Combining both healthcare and non-healthcare data reveals actionable insights such as who will be non-adherent or more likely to use generics. This data also identifies the optimal communications channel (automated voice, text, email, mail, text and/or AI-powered chat) to drive targeted action.


      June 13, 2019


      2019, Press Releases