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    2. Pharmacy Benefit Management Health Plan Solution | Welltok
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      Pharmacy Benefit
      Manager (PBM) Solution
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      Highly-Targeted Outreach

      In today’s pharmacy ecosystem, rising costs, consumer demand for personalization, and the burden of complex prescription and plan administration can be challenging. Welltok’s technology empowers you with advanced insights and targeted multi-channel outreach that is proven to drive member action.

      By predicting who will actually take action and conducting interventions at the right time, you maximize resources and lower costs, boost quality ratings, and ultimately improve the member experience and outcomes.


      We use predictive models to deliver the right message at the right time to the right individual through the right channel. This personalized approach is proven to improve medication adherence, mitigate formulary changes and increase refill rates.

      Key Capabilities


      Leverage consumer data, including social determinants of health, to identify risk of non-adherence and receptivity to interventions. Predict which campaigns and channels will be most impactful on target populations


      Segment your strategy based on risk and motivate individuals to take specific actions like refills with personalized outreach, including both high-touch and high-tech approaches


      Apply insights from ongoing analysis and reporting to drive more value and capitalize on opportunities

      Solution Features

      Medication Adherence

      Identify barriers and deliver barrier-breaking messages and execute Stars and MTM initiatives

      Automated Reminders

      General reminders, education with refill prompts and transfer to live agents

      Formulary Programs

      Specialty pharmacy, condition specific programs and general formulary changes like network, prior authorization and consent for fulfillment



      Automatic refill/renewal programs, retail-to-mail and 90-day programs

      Best in Class
      Enterprise Security

      Our solutions ensure regulatory compliance, privacy
      and security for you and your consumers

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      Deliver a personal, rewarding and actionable
      experience for each and every consumer

      Take Action
      Delivering Value for PBMs

      Increase Refills


      Improvement in refill rates
      compared to unengaged

      Case Study

      Star Improvement

      1-2 star

      Improvement across
      medication categories

      Case Study

      Medication Adherence


      Refilled after hearing a
      barrier-breaking tip

      Case Study