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    2. Patientology | Healthcare Patient Data CRM | Welltok
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      Technology to Efficiently and Effectively
      Acquire High Value Patients
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      Identify and Activate the Best Prospects in Your Market

      Healthcare marketing is growing increasingly more complex. Encouraging consumers to engage with health systems and hospitals is challenging, especially with shrinking resources. Acquiring new patients, nurturing them, keeping them engaged and proving to stakeholders that your efforts are positively affecting the bottom line is no small task. This is where Welltok (formerly Tea Leaves Health) comes in – giving you the technology you need to engage consumers and scale with your business.

      Patientology?, our customer relationship management (CRM) platform, goes beyond traditional CRMs by leveraging advanced analytics to help healthcare organizations make better decisions and drive strategic growth.


      For example, our GIS (geographic information system) interface provides easy and immediate access to integrated data sets – helping you view, understand, query, interpret and visualize information. We help you understand more about your audience, communicate with them efficiently and effectively, and most importantly measure and analyze the impact of your outreach.

      Patientology (CRM+)

      Patientology allows you to effectively understand and analyze current patients as well as acquire and retain new high-value prospects through proven channels such as direct mail. The tool offers organizations the following abilities:

      Key Capabilities

      Unparalleled Data and Insights

      Understand who your current and potential patients are – or are not. Gain valuable insights to more effectively deliver the right strategies that improve quality of care, attract/retain patients and drive growth

      Best Practice Activation Tools

      Use built-in tools to drill down and understand patterns and population characteristics. Build success criteria that aligns with any combination of service lines, clinical codes or facilities

      Multi-Channel Campaigns

      Partner with our experts to conduct targeted and proven campaigns with the content and channel mix (direct mail, email, text, etc.) that will generate the best results based on your service line goals

      Dedicated Consultants?

      Leverage a dedicated team of experienced advisors who serve as strategic consultants and analysts to maximize your return on investment

      Measurement & Analytics

      We report on multiple financial metrics (charges, net revenue, contribution margin, EBIDTA) all in the same application. We track all customer “touch points” including web and class registrations, call center and employee lists and countless other data sources

      Unlimited Seat Licenses

      Our system allows an unlimited number of departments and individuals access to the data, streamlining efforts across the organization without additional licenses and fees

      Patientology Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

      Who are our best patients?

      How do we make sure our best patients stays with us?

      How do we connect one-on-one with our patients?

      How do we improve margins if we can’t cut costs any more?

      How can we turn strategy into tactics with measurable results?

      Download Top 10 Advantages
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      High Conversion


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      converted to patients

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      Total charges from
      new patients

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      New Patients


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