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    2. Medicaid Health Plan Solutions | Care Management | Welltok
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      Medicaid Solution
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      Drive Better Population Outcomes with
      Targeted, Multi-Channel Outreach

      You manage diverse, hard-to-reach populations with very different needs, making it difficult to effectively communicate, coordinate care, and promote prevention services. Our solution for Medicaid plans addresses these challenges and increases member engagement with a powerful combination of analytics-driven insights and targeted multi-channel outreach.


      Go beyond traditional healthcare data and use our proprietary consumer database of 275 million individuals and 800 variables, including social determinants of health, to predict risks and needs. Target the right interventions and programs to individuals with personalized messaging and communication channel(s), including text, mobile, automated voice (IVR) and more.

      This streamlined approach makes it easier for your beneficiaries to get the help they need, make better decisions and, ultimately, get healthier. By reaching members where they are with targeted actions, Welltok has helped increase well-baby visits, reduce missed prenatal visits and increase smoking abstinence. Additionally, it offers evidence-based relevant program content such as smoking cessation (text2quit?) and pregnancy health (text4baby?) consumers.


      Our solution helps drive quality improvement, optimal allocation of resources and maximum return on investment for you across HEDIS, care and case management, and redetermination initiatives.

      Leverage the Channels that Drive Action


      Engage with members securely though this effective, low cost channel utilizing evidence-based, clinically-proven programs and resources

      Automated Voice

      Interactive Digital Voice (IVR) calls can be extremely efficient and effective for key parts of your population

      Direct Mail

      Utilize direct mail to meet state requirements for a broad base of communications


      Work with us to quickly configure and execute engaging email campaigns

      Best in Class
      Enterprise Security

      Our solutions ensure regulatory compliance, privacy
      and security for you and your consumers

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      Deliver a personal, rewarding and actionable
      experience for each and every consumer

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      Delivering Value to Medicaid Plans



      Remained enrolled in 52-week

      text-based program

      Case Study



      Increase in likelihood to

      get well-child check-ups

      Case Study



      Lower redetermination
      failure rate achieved

      Case Study