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    2. Itinerary | Personalized Health Action Plan | Welltok
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      Welltok Itinerary
      Data-Driven SaaS Technology that Activates Consumers
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      Drive Better Results with Personal Health Itinerary?

      With the expanding ecosystem of point solutions you’ve assembled to activate your target population in their health and wellbeing, it can be a daunting task for individuals to navigate and get engaged. Consumers demand simplicity and convenience, especially when it comes to their health and wellbeing.


      Welltok? Itinerary is the personalized action plan consumers want and need to get actively involved in their health. It serves up personalized resources and rewards them for completing or participating in recommended health improvement programing.

      Welltok Itinerary is the digital SaaS web and mobile technology you need to host and configure health and wellbeing resources in one central place, meeting consumers where they are. You’ll have all the tools you need to effectively organize all resources and programs into a unified, highly personalized, and rewarding consumer experience. In turn, you as the population health manager receive key insights to understand the adoption and impact of all programs.

      CaféWell: Our Popular Consumer-Facing Brand

      We have established CaféWell? as the leading brand for the Welltok Itinerary, providing a user-friendly and highly-interactive web and mobile experience. With Welltok, you have the flexibility to deploy a seamless itinerary experience with either CaféWell or your own brand

      Key Features


      Organize Ecosystem

      We organized the chaos with the integration of your existing programs, Connect Partner programs, in-house curated content all in one place to create Personal Health Itinerary for each individual

      Robust Resource Library to Drive Action

      Personal Health Itinerary? is a data-driven, personalized action plan that includes a dynamic set of ActionCards with activities, resources and content designed for each individual consumer. Use ActionCards to incorporate your own programs, key partner programs, and select from Welltok’s ActionCard library – a fully curated catalog of hundreds of programs developed by Welltok

      Highly Personalized

      Our approach to building a personalized itinerary starts with advanced analytics and our proprietary consumer data of 275 million people. We gain individual level insights that form the basis of a targeted and highly personalized experience for each person

      Online and Offline

      With Welltok Itinerary, individuals can complete actions online or offline. Whether through the web or mobile app, self-attestation, claims or other methods, we can create a holistic experience that meets the needs of each individual

      Custom Branding

      Customer/sponsor logo within the web and mobile experience with configurable areas and pages for promoting calls to action (CTAs) directly with consumers

      Built-in Concierge

      The Welltok Itinerary includes, Concierge, our on-demand, 24/7 artificial intelligent chatbot to guide consumers digitally through complicated benefits in a conversational, simplified way. Choose from a library of “knowledge packs” based on your population and goals

      Optional Rewards

      Easily incorporate incentive programs into the Itinerary using Welltok? Rewards to assign specific rewards to actions that will make the biggest impact on your bottom line. Manage the Itinerary and Rewards all in one place

      Social Support

      Live, group web sessions from Welltok or sponsor coaches and professionals. Format includes discussion groups, blogs, broadcast live voice and video or a ‘screen share’ in a private and secure environment where users can participate in real-time chat, download related content and have ongoing interaction with coaches offline

      Welltok? Central

      Self-service administration module to gain program insight and manage Itinerary and Reward configurations and workflows from a central location

      Best-in-Class Security

      We have invested heavily in our security practices, and are HITRUST CSF Certified, HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant

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