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    2. Impact | Intelligent, Consumer-Centric Program Design | Welltok
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      Welltok Impact
      Intelligent Design to Predict, Manage and Optimize
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      Intelligent Program Design

      Successful consumer-centric programs begin with a thorough analysis of your consumers’ health risks and costs, engagement preferences, and likelihood to take action. With Welltok? Impact, you can incorporate these critical factors during both program design and execution.

      You don’t need to wait until you implement programs to know if they will be successful. With our innovative set of analytics dashboards, you are quickly empowered with predictive analytics to design programs that deliver the greatest value to your business and consumers.

      The Technology to Power Your Business Goals

      Understand which new or current programs will impact health outcomes and save money

      See how programs perform over time to ensure you optimize spend

      Gain insights on reaching individuals who haven’t engaged and adjust program strategies

      Get More Value from Your Programs

      Leverage Unique

      Go beyond claims data using our proprietary consumer database of more 275M individuals and 800 variables, including social determinants of health

      Predict Who Will
      Take Action

      Predict receptivity to programs and likelihood to take action using advanced machine learning applied to robust consumer data

      Use Prescriptive Tactics to Close Engagement Gaps

      Identify who isn’t engaged, the best tactics to get them activated and the potential incremental savings when you do

      Key Features

      Campaign Insights: Activate Consumers and Direct Resources Towards High-Value Opportunities

      Monitor engagement rates and review actionable insights on how to best activate individuals with specific channel and campaign recommendations. Review potential incremental savings associated with increased engagement, allowing you to adjust program strategies and direct resources toward high-value opportunities

      Retrospective Insights: Understand How Your Programs are Performing

      Measure and evaluate program participation and quantify the opportunity for incremental gains in engagement and impact

      Prospective Insights: Predict Program Receptivity and Impactability

      Predict opportunities to impact health status through current or new programs. Determine individual needs and the likelihood of program receptivity and completion. Consider program design recommendations that will help you achieve the most savings and serve the greatest needs