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    2. Enrichment | Consumer Data to Power Smarter Analytics | Welltok
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      Welltok Enrichment
      Big Data Made Simple
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      Use Consumer Data to Power Smarter Analytics

      As more companies invest in analytics resources to reach key goals, it is important to determine whether the data you have can give you the whole picture. Traditional healthcare sources like claims and clinical data are retrospective in nature and are important, but insufficient in providing the actionable insights you need to optimize program development and personalize communications.


      To gain better insight into the addressable needs of your populations, you need a holistic view that cannot be derived with your data alone. Combine our proprietary consumer data with clinical and claims data to create a 360-degree view of each individual consumer and gain actionable insights about key social determinants of health.

      Welltok? Enrichment provides you with standardized, segmented, and scored data sets from our consumer database of 275 million individuals and 800 variables, including social determinants of health like food security, education, job status and more. Use this enriched data to gain a unique understanding and valuable insights into critical areas of your business. And, you can drive value from this data using our other products to make an even bigger impact.


      For example, Welltok’s data revealed that people who own a domestic sedans are more likely to have COPD and seniors who vote in mid-term elections are less likely to be readmitted to the hospital post-procedure.

      Welltok Gives You the Whole Picture

      Tools for the Big Picture

      With Welltok, you’ll have an unparalleled view of your population to drive better results

      Combine and enhance your available data with hundreds of consumer variables

      See associated socio-economics and demographics

      Leverage non-traditional variables such as risk score and social determinants of health

      Understand individual likelihood to be receptive and take action

      Key Features



      We are the market leader in healthcare advanced analytics with a dedicated, award-winning team of analysts

      Proprietary Database

      Our proprietary consumer database cannot be replicated by any other vendor. We’ve curated public and private data sources with exclusive rights?


      Enterprise Security

      We have invested heavily in our security practices, and are HITRUST CSF Certified, HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant



      Based on the combination of your data with ours, you’ll see predicted variables for risk, receptivity and impactability at the individual level

      Customer Value

      We have helped all our clients deliver better results by using better data


      In incremental revenue

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      Improvements in targeting

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      Savings in cost per acquisition

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