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    2. What Makes Us Unique | Consumer Health Activation | Welltok
      Health, wellness, platform, health rewards, consumer health, health optimization
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      Why Welltok
      Only Welltok has the full spectrum of capabilities required to create truly personalized experiences that activate health consumers. Welltok is also unparalleled in our expertise and ability to serves the entire industry – health plans, employers, hospitals and health systems, pharmacies and PBMs with our flexible, scalable SaaS technology

      We Activate Consumers

      We can all agree that individuals taking actions to improve or sustain their health and wellbeing is essential to transforming the health industry. Welltok is proudly the first to develop a platform to track and manage consumer health actions. We take a data-driven, personalized approach to get consumers actively involved in their health such as closing a gap in care, improving medication adherence or managing a chronic condition.


      Our key metric of success for sponsors of our Consumer Activation Platform? is, “Did they complete the recommended action?”

      Take Action & Learn More

      How We Are Different

      Enriched Big Data
      & Machine Learning

      Using our proprietary consumer database of 275M people and 800 variables, we apply predictive analytics and machine learning to identify individual needs, receptivity and impactability

      Curated & Integrated Ecosystem

      We organize and integrate the ever-expanding health and wellbeing marketplace, and systematically connect consumers with highly-relevant and actionable programs and resources

      Multi-Channel Programming

      & Engagement

      We meet people where they are with the right message and combination of automated calls, email, interactive messaging, direct mail, web or live agent calls based on preferences and needs

      Incentive Design & Reward Management

      We leverage our extensive experience of aligning the right rewards and incentives with the targeted actions and behaviors that will motivate consumers and deliver results for the client while optimizing spend

      Applied Artificial

      We are a leader in the application of cognitive computing in the consumer health world, working closely with IBM Watson to support the full consumer journey from benefit solution to health optimization

      Privacy, Security and Compliance

      Welltok has invested millions in our security practices and operating environments. Our award-winning team goes above and beyond to maintain patient privacy and keep our clients’ and consumers’ sensitive data secure