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    2. Commercial Group Solutions | Welltok
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      Commercial Group Solution
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      Drive Business Growth and Market Differentiation with Innovative, Scalable Technology

      As employer groups search for ways to manage employee total wellbeing and drive engagement with health resources that matter, it is more important than ever to differentiate and deliver value. Most commercial health plans struggle to meet this challenge – with disparate point solutions and vendor programs that don’t scale well across multiple employer groups and make it difficult to execute an end-to-end engagement strategy. And, building a data-driven integration platform in-house to connect all of the pieces and scale is just too costly.

      With Welltok, you can leverage our scalable and highly configurable Consumer Activation Platform? that meets the unique needs of diverse employer groups and attracts new customers. You’ll not only bolster your brand equity among clients, but can also offer the premium option for each employer group to amplify their brand on the platform.


      We can help you drive greater differentiation and value, streamline data and reporting, and increase member and employee engagement with the programs you already have in place.

      Platform Capabilities


      Use unique consumer data, including social determinants of health, and advanced analytics to understand and target the right individuals with tactics you know in advance will motivate action


      Use a scalable enterprise-level platform and technology to help employers organize resources and build personalized experiences that drive sustained action and better outcomes


      Leverage a holistic view of programs across employer groups to make adjustments that can exponentially increase value over time

      Solution Features

      Unique Data & Predictive Analytics

      Get insights using our proprietary database of 275M individuals and 800 variables

      Scalable & Flexible Technology

      Offer flexibility to your employer groups with a fully integrated and scalable environment

      Seamless Member Experience

      Seamless experience across multiple modalities to drive higher engagement

      Built-In Rewards Best Practice

      Optimize and manage your rewards programs across all employer groups

      Best in Class
      Enterprise Security

      Our solutions ensure regulatory compliance, privacy
      and security for you and your consumers

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      Deliver a personal, rewarding and actionable
      experience for each and every consumer

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      Delivering Value for Commercial Health Plans

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