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    2. Campaign Services | Multi-Channel Communications with Impact | Welltok
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      Campaign Services
      Multi-Channel Communications with Impact
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      A full spectrum of proven methods to activate your target population and drive best practice communications

      Our Campaign Services allow you to leverage our extensive experience driving consumers to take health actions by delivering the right communications at the right time. Only Welltok has the capabilities to engage consumers across any and all channels from IVR to text. The flexibility of our services enables us to deliver millions of personalized communications at scale, ranging from simple flu vaccine reminders to sophisticated, multi-gap in care reminders. We help you successfully connect and engage individuals and populations through targeted, interactive, multi-lingual and HIPAA-compliant messaging.

      We have built an extensive Campaign Library over time, having designed and executed more than 80,000 programs, conducting more than 1.6 billion communications on behalf of the nation’s largest health plans, pharmacy benefit managers and other population health managers. You can drive higher levels of activation by delivering the right combination of automated calls (IVR), email, text, direct mail, web, AI chatbot and live agent calls based on consumer preferences and needs. We provide the expertise and data on when, where and how to engage consumers at every stage of their health and life.

      True Multi-Channel Engagement

      Campaign Channels

      Automated Call (IVR)

      Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities are fully compliant and highly scalable. With our engage and transfer capability, you can also combine IVR campaigns with live agent support. Whether for announcements, surveys, or to collect preferred communication channels and digital opt-in permission, we have the expertise to help you accomplish your goals


      Leverage this popular channel by working with us to quickly configure and execute email campaigns using your copy applied to our best practice scripts and HTML templates, including multiple options for frequency, visuals and segmentation


      We have generated millions of secure, targeted text messages to drive immediate response and activation. We’ll work with your already-validated opt-in preferences or ensure opt-in and preference collection with an automated call on your behalf

      Web & Mobile

      We’ve built standard campaigns to align with our Welltok Itinerary web and mobile experience, driving action through the completion of online programs and resources, along with push and in-app notifications for ongoing engagement


      Tap into our best practices for direct mail as a proven channel. With the highest possible production quality standards in the industry, we provide a 100% HIPAA-compliant production operation with unique PHI insights and variable data capabilities for personalization

      Live Agent

      Specialized call center capabilities and technology built on our strategic partnership with ttec, a global customer experience leader. We offer seamless integration of multi-channel campaigns with live agents that are highly-trained and focused exclusively on healthcare


      Sending faxes, especially when working with providers, can be an efficient means of communicating quickly and effectively. We’ve worked with the country’s largest health plans to execute fax campaigns and can put that expertise to work for you