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    2. Analytics Services | Big Data Insights & Advanced Analytics | Welltok
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      Analytics Services
      When You Know Better, You Do Better
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      Transforming Your Business with Advanced Analytics

      Welltok’s Analytics Services help you address the critical business and quality factors that drive business performance. Especially in healthcare, organizations must consider the transformative impact that insights derived from consumer data can make. This is where Welltok comes in. We are leaders in advanced analytics and aligning business strategy with new and instructive insights.

      Welltok’s Analytics Services can provide significant lift to your existing outreach and program efforts by helping you more precisely target the right individuals who you know in advance will be receptive to your message and take action.


      For example, Welltok identified members at risk for disenrollment for a global client based on key predictors including healthcare services utilization, available competitive plan options, demographics and social determinants of health.

      Our Proprietary Consumer Database Features

      Social Determinants of Health and Includes:

      Million Individuals
      Million Households

      Key Capabilities

      Robust Consumer Data

      We incorporate learnings from our proprietary consumer database of 275 million individuals and 800 variables to enhance client-provided population data and generate new knowledge on consumer risks, needs and preferences. We make social determinants of health like food security, financial stability and zip code actionable. By plugging hundreds of variables into our proprietary predictive models, we are able to test specific variables against one-another, to understand which are statistically significant. In this way, we organize disconnected data points into a linear story to understand and predict a person’s future behaviors and needs

      360 Degree Consumer & Population View

      A holistic view of individual needs and preferences over time, based on data from inside and outside of the healthcare system

      Advanced Machine Learning

      Patented machine learning and genetic algorithms support analysis of thousands of variables to create population-specific models that guide individual recommendations

      Work with us to Drive Better Results


      Revealing uncaptured population risks, individuals likely to respond, and effective communication channels


      Advanced analytics models that evolve and allow for changes over time based on new data inputs


      Leveraging all relevant inputs, including your population data and our proprietary database


      Providing concrete insights and targeted strategies to achieve your business goals

      Value We Deliver with Analytics Services

      Improved Costs


      In cost savings (reduced from

      $500 to $155 per member)

      Case Study

      Reduce Disenrollment


      Reduction in disenrollment;

      improved to 4 Star rating

      Case Study

      Targeted Outreach


      ROI achieved by identifying

      target members for program

      Case Study