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    2. Commercial Health Plan Solutions | Welltok
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      ActionCard Library
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      Curated Content and Activities to Enable a Highly Engaging Experience

      When you’re designing and building an engaging experience to get your population activated in their health and wellbeing, you want access to the best programs available. Having driven more than 40M actions in our history, we understand how to get people motivated to take action using engaging content and activities.

      Welltok ActionCards are the proprietary combination of SaaS technology and pre-developed content and activities, presented as programs which can also be rewardable. With Welltok Itinerary, you can build a highly personalized, data-driven plan, assembling the right ActionCards to represent the right programs, for the right individuals.


      ActionCards can drive activation with your current programs, with our Connect Partner programs, and with our own library that includes hundreds of pre-developed, ready-to-go ActionCards.

      A Robust Library to Drive Activation

      A Small Sample of Our ActionCard Library.


      Such as Benefits education, Find
      a PCP, Open enrollment

      Condition Management

      Such as Asthma, Diabetes,

      Emotional Wellbeing

      Such as Caregiver Support, Building
      Resilience, Nature Breaks

      Financial Wellbeing

      Such as Money Matters,
      Retirement 101

      General Wellbeing

      Such as Unplug and Chug, Fall
      Avoidance, Brain Boost


      Such as Eat your Greens,
      Nutrition Savvy, Healthy Cooking

      Physical Activity

      Such as Race around the World,
      Core Strength, Move More


      Such as Get your A1C Test, Colon
      Screening, Eye Exam


      Work with us to build a
      custom ActionCard